“We want to be your home away from home. Your hideaway. Your place to work or play. Endlessly stocked with a massive selection of delicious local craft beer.”

— Casey Ashlock & Wes Lucas, owners

Your Neighborhood Pub

These are the highlights of how we got on the right wagon. If you want the embellished version, stop in and grab a pint — the story is better with all the intoxicating details!

The Drafthouse y’all know today evolved from (day drinking) visions of restaurants, speakeasies (story op), and bars. As we settled on a drafthouse and bottle shop, the look and personality evolved from community input and plenty of mistakes (see: the unfinished pillar that became our staple chalkboard wall).

When we refer to this as a labor of love (of craft beer), we aren’t kidding. This truly was a beg, borrow, and steal (story op) expedition to make our daydreaming come to life.  As friends dropped in to see the progress, their ideas influenced the space. We found treasure in other’s trash and used some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease (which in our case meant literally running through a wall to open up the cooler) to create the Cheers of Lake Norman.  

We are an easy-going public house. We want to know your name. We want you to have a place to wind down, tell (tall) tales, and drink some of the best beer you’ve ever had.

We cater to locals — the people kind and the craft beer kind! We pride ourselves on having a huge selection of North Carolina brews while mixing in special treats from around the craft beer booming country.

Now you know a little about our story. Come sip and share yours. Cheers!



Free Wifi • Games • Family Friendly • Dog Friendly • BYO Food • Outdoor Seating

The Boys Behind the Bar

Casey’s craft beer days began with a Pete’s Wicked Red in 1997 in Amherst, MA (followed closely by a Shiner Bock) and the boy was hooked. His love of beer coupled with his love of people made the drafthouse an ideal endeavor. A former professional actor (ask him about Souled Out) turned mortgage broker, Casey stumbled on a passion place while working as a server/bartender at a local Lake Norman restaurant. Building a business from scratch has been the challenge he was looking for … and with the diverse group of people who drop in on a regular basis, he has found there is always a good story on the other end of a glass. Casey is a Texas boy at heart, a dad to two daughters and a son, and he would sip on a high gravity stout (for example the Halle Blackberry from Blind Squirrel) until the end of time.


Wes is a middle child (so of course he elected to open a bar), a father of two boys, an adventure seeker, and he rarely meets an IPA he doesn’t like. A native of Blacksburg, VA, Wes tried his hand on the other side of the country, living in Alaska for a stint before settling in North Carolina. He loves the outdoors and when he isn’t searching for and pouring your favorite suds, you can find him hiking, biking, surfing, diving, and sharing his adventurous side with his “all boy” boys. His first craft beer came in the form of a Moose’s Tooth Hefeweizen and if he had to live on one beer alone, he would take solace in a Moose’s Tooth Foul Weather IPA.


Your Week Off the Wagon


$25: 1 Draft,  6 Pack, & Growler Fill


$4 Pints



$9 Mix-n-Match 6 packs


$2 12 oz cans; $3 16 oz cans


$36 Mix Case of Cans

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